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Winner(s) Revealed!!!!

The Almighty Judges have spoken . . . here is The Grand Prize Winner of Lisa Yee's 2nd Annual Bodacious Book Title Contest!!!

Oh, but wait. First this. Hubby and I culled through the two million-ish entries and flagged our personal favorites. This is them.

Hubby's #1 Pick submitted by jo no anne
Original Title: I Kissed the Baby
New Title: I Dissed the Baby
Babysitter takes it literally when told to "put down the baby" for the night.

Lisa's #1 Pick submitted by Eric Luper
Original Title: The Five Chinese Brothers
New Title: The Jive Chinese Brothers
Five Asian siblings use their amazing powers to get a hair pick to stay in straight hair.

And now, drumroll please, here are the OFFICIAL winner(s) as selected by Official Judges KT Horning and Carla Kozak*. They tell us (the following are their words) . . .

And the Grand Prize Winner is . . .
With so many great submissions this year it was hard to choose just one winner, so we’ve cited several entries as our favorites. We noted several variants on Lisa Yee titles. For future reference: sucking up to the contest host does not help.

Grand Prize Winner:
Submitted by: Jay (DiscoMermaids)
Original title: The Higher Power of Lucky
New Title: The Firepower of Lucky
Summary: Confused by what she overhears at AA meetings, and frustrated by controversy surrounding the ALA, a little girl seeks comfort in the NRA.
Judges’ comments: We like the way this one builds on one of the plot details and on the response to the book, and then takes those two things to a logical extreme. It shows a clever use of acronyms, too. It rounds out the year so well, and you know just where Lucky is going to aim that gun.

Honor Title #1
Submitted by: Patrick
Original title: Now We Are Six
New Title: Now We Are Ticks
Summary: Kafka's Metamorphosis for the younger reader
Judges’ comments: The two books are such polar opposites, and somehow this contestant found a connection. Besides, we both love Kafkaesque tales for children…Louis the Fish, Shoebag, and now, Now We are Ticks.

Honor Title #2
Submitted by: JennyTM
Original title: Polar Express
New Title: Solar Express
Summary: Due to global warming Santa's home is now beachfront property.
Judges’ comments: Timely and elegant use of a beloved book and an inconvenient truth. It’s also one of the most brilliantly written summaries this year. Very punchy.

Highly Commended Titles:

Submitted by: Chavelaque
Original title: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
New Title: If You Give a Mouse a Bookie
Summary: If you give a mouse a bookie, he's going to ask for a little loan. . . .
Judges’ comments: This captures the rhythm and indeed the personality of Mouse. And really, you know that’s what would happen if you gave a mouse a bookie.

Submitted by: Abbie
Original title: The Very Hungry Caterpillar
New Title: The Scary Hungry Caterpillar
Summary: He's eaten ALL the leaves, ALL the fruit, and now he's coming after YOU!
Judges’ comments: What could be more harmless than a caterpillar? Changing “very” to “scary” turns this timeless picture book into a cult horror classic. And we’ve all known for years that the caterpillar had an insatiable appetite. We should have seen it coming.

And we admired two worthy twists on the classic Golden Book:
Submitted by: Sam and Cece
Original title: The Poky Little Puppy
New Title: The Low-Key Little Puppy
Summary: Puppy eats. Puppy watches T.V. Puppy naps. Good Puppy.
Judges’ comments: See Puppy eat Peeps and manuscripts. See Puppy watch Lisa, Son and J.K. Rowling on T.V. See Puppy nap on top of the clean, folded laundry. Oh, you’re such a good Puppy! Lisa must be so proud of you!

Submitted by David LaRochelle
Original title: The Poky Little Puppy
New title: The Smoky Little Puppy
Summary: A lethargic Dalmatian has a bad day when he goes to work for the city fire department.
Judges’ comments: What a difference one phoneme makes! This one takes the story into a whole new realm while maintaining the puppy’s original character.

Wheeeeee!!!! (That's me talking. I'm back now.)

Congrats to all who entered, and especially to Jay, our Grand Prize Winner, and Patrick and JennyTM, our Honor Winners. The three of you will share in this booty (with Jay getting the most stuff) . . .
The prizes include, but are not limited to and may change at the Prize Committee's digression, vintage Peeps from Easter, vintage Peeps from Halloween, fresh Xmas Peeps, an autographed copy of GOOD LUCK, IVY, an autographed copy of SO TOTALLY EMILY EBERS, a large amount of fake money, your own Visual Echo 3D Mini Sky Roads Puzzle, a plastic hot dog, an officially licensed US Post Office key holder, a lot of Lisa Yee bookmarks, and maybe other stuff* (Note: Peepy not included)

Jay, Patrick and JennyTM, please contact me at Lisa(at sign) with your e-mail(s) and address(es).

HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone!!!

*Legal: Although I know some of the contestants mentioned in this blog, the Official Judges came up with the winners totally without input from me, Tyra Banks, Simon from American Idol, and anyone from Iowa or New Hampshire.

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