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A Painting, a Potbelly, and Inside Scholastic

After my American Girl signing the weather in New York continued to be cold . . .

But that didn't stop me from having a totally enlightening dinner with my agent, Jodi Reamer . . .
We discussed important career moves, like how I should learn how to roll when I fall down so this won't happen again.

The next day it was time for more food. (I now sport an XXL muffin top). This meal was with Sydney Taylor award-winning author Sarah Darer Littman and her mucho-multi-talented daughter . . .

Wheeeeee!!! Sarah's daughter painted--the covers of MILLIE and STANFORD and EMILY . . .
And not only that, but she took these museum-quality candid photos Peepy!

Later, Peeps and I rode the SUBWAY ALL BY OURSELVES. To our relief, we did not accidently end up in Queens at midnight, like last time. Instead, we landed here . . .

At Scholastic headquarters, we met up with my editor Arthur Levine and his awesome metal door . . .

The AMAZING tapestry with the famous AAL lantern logos was created by his mom, and the AAL Books magnets were from Moi. I got them when I was here.

Before leaving for our glamorous editor/author meal, Arthur showed me the company mission statement . . .
(It's woven into the carpet--how cool is that?)

The next day, it was back to Scholastic headquarters for an editorial meeting. Only, I was shocked when something quite scandalous occurred. Yes, a fight broke out among editors and weapons were drawn. And I was there to document the carnage.

Oops! We're running of space.That'll have to go on my next blog. Until then . . .

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