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Schoo Visit, 500 Books and Novelists Strike

This morning I headed to this elementary school in my hometown . . .

Um. I'm still getting used to my iPhone and haven't quite mastered taking museum-quality photos yet. So, for the record, I went to Monterey Hills School, not Onterey Hills Schoo.

Everyone was very enthusiastic. One student even said I was "bigger than Hannah Montana," which is quite possible. How tall is she? Five feet, maybe?

Later, there was a book signing and I got to talk to lots of the kids . . .
Honest, there were people there! They were just hiding when we took this picture.

Immediately after, I rushed home. The final version of my young adult novel, DEFINITELY MAYBE TITLE TO BE CHANGED, was due. Eek. You'll be happy to know (well, if you're my editors . . .
. . . you'll be happy to know), I finished it!

In other news, remember when I did that DayQuil-assisted speech in Dallas for the Scholastic Book Summit? Greg Worrell, President of the Scholastic Library & Classroom Group, was so pleased he offered to send FIVE HUNDRED BRAND NEW BOOKS to the non-profit of my choice. Did I mention FIVE HUNDRED BRAND NEW BOOKS?

I selected The Dowd Center, a Homeless Families Foundation group in Columbus, OH. I taught writing there this past summer when I was the Thurber House Children's Writer-in-Residence. Here are just some of the FIVE HUNDRED BRAND NEW BOOKS they received . . .
Students from Ohio State University have donated their time to catalog and shelve the FIVE HUNDRED BRAND NEW BOOKS!

And finally, my author pal Paula Yoo first alerted me to this, perhaps the funniest/saddest/most truthful headline of the year . . .

Click on the headline to read the whole story.

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