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BEA-O-RAMA, Part 2-1/2

We last left off at the Book Sense Awards where, among other winners, my very own local bookstore, Vroman's in Pasadena, was picking up the Publisher's Weekly Bookseller of the Year Award.

Then the next night, after some serious roaming of the convention floor, it was time for NOT A DINNER and Silent Auction and E.B. White Read Aloud Awards.

The Not a Dinner part consisted of GREAT appetizers, like this mashed potato bar, where you put the buttery mashed wonder into a Sex-And-The-City-style martini glass and then smother it with bacon and cheese and whatnot and Carrie (snort!) it around with you . . .

While noshing, we bid on this piece of artwork . . .

Only we lost out. Sigh. Oh well, there was still fun to be had, like an EXCLUSIVE sneak peek at footage from Stephenie Meyer's multigooglezillion-selling book that'll soon be TWILGHT the movie. (Go Jacob!)

Plus, not to brag but we were given THESE COOL TOTE BAGS and WE WERE THE FIRST PEOPLE TO SEE the cover of Book Four, BREAKING DAWN!!!!

And if that weren't enough excitement, our very own Elise Broach won the E. B. White Award for WHEN DINOSAURS CAME WITH EVERYTHING. Here's Elise with multi-tasking Marlene Perez . . .

During the awards, we sat between Brian Selznick and Chicken House publisher Barry Cunningham . . .
Barry, the founder of Bloomsbury Children's Books, discovered my friend J.K. Rowling.

One of TIME magazine's most influential people in the world, Cornelia Funke was also at our table . . .
(Above: Peepy tries to influence Cornelia.)

Suddenly, it was 10 p.m. Bedtime? No way! It was on to ANOTHER party. This time it was Scholastic's Big Bash celebrating New York Times #1 selling author Rick Riordan (pronounced Ryer-dan) and THE 39 CLUES at the Biltmore Hotel.

Peepy spent most of the evening near the chocolate fountain chatting with her relatives . . .
(Above: Peeps and the marshmallows)

However, she broke away long enough to ask Scholastic's V.P. of Publicity, Tracy van Straaten and CEO, President and Chairman of Scholastic, Dick Robinson to do the Bunny Hop with her . . .

The next day, it was back to the convention center, where we bumped into more friends, like Newbery Honor medalist Joan Bauer . . .

And we hung out with our uber agent, Jodi Reamer . . .
(Above: Peepy is wearing her "Cherish Your Agent" button.)

We caught National Book Awardeeeeeee Sherman Alexie lollygagging around so we cornered him . . .

Then Sherman gave Peepy a sneak peak at his upcoming kids' novel.

Finally, it was time to bid BEA farewell. So Peepy did the logical thing . . .
Yep. She went to the teeth whitening booth. (I'm still trying to figure out why it was even there.)

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