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Librarians Invade Anaheim!!!

Phew! Imagine 348,398-ish librarians in ONE place. That would be the ALA Conference in Anaheim, CA.

A nice smelling Peepy and I were part of the YALSA Pre-Conference Program, "Got Tweens? Serving Younger Teens and Teens." It was a blast!. However, I almost didn't make it.

Early morning, my editor (and J.K. Rowling's editor!) the supercoolamazing Arthur Levine and I met in the hotel lobby. He was assigned to walk me to the convention center (across the street) so I wouldn't get lost.

We got to the Room 203B by 7:55 a.m. Because the program wasn't scheduled to start until 8:30 a.m., we filled the time by discussing how to achieve world peace, doing geometry, and cracking ourselves up by taking funny pictures with my beloved iPhone . . .
Photobucket Photobucket


Suddenly, it was 8:35 a.m. and we both started getting suspicious that something was not quite right.

Uh. Oops. Duh. We were in the wrong room! (It was the emptiness that tipped us off.)

We finally found ourselves where we were supposed to be. I could tell because Blogland's very own Professor Nana (in blue), who was running the program, was there. And so was Odyssey Chairperson (that would be the award, not the car) Mary Burkey (polka dotted), who was set to introduce me.

My speech was tweeny and teeny and I had a great time. How could it not? Look at this smart, good-looking, literature-loving audience . . .

After my talk, I stayed to listen to most of the others including my friend and Peepy's enemy Amy Goldman Koss and THE CLIQUE author, Lisi Harrison. There was also was a mighty fine lunch. (Wheeeeee, cake was involved!)

I dined with Arthur and Dan Santat who will be illustrating my chapter book series (Fall 2009) . . .

Then it was back to listen to hat collector Bruce Hale . . .

And Ambassador of Children's Literature Jon Scieszka . . .

Later, it was off to the YALSA Cocktail party. Wow, librarians sure do know how to mingle!

I finally got meet Barry Lyga in person. (We've met in cyberspace before.) Barry wrote the marvelous FAN BOY AND GOTH GIRL and BOY TOY . . .

My gal pal Cecil Castellucci was there, only she tried to corrupt Peepy . . .

After, when we attended a dinner thrown by Scholastic, Peepy was feeling woozy. Luckily, editor/author Tracy Mack and Pam Munoz Ryan tended to her . . .

Lots of talented artists and authors and editors were also at dinner, like Phantom Tollbooth's Norton Juster and Spiderwick Chronicles' Holly Black . . .

Phew! And that was just the first day.

Next blog: Guess who "Got Peeped?"* when we roamed the convention floor?!?!

*Above: Scholastic's V.P. of Publicity, Tracy van Straaten, seen here with Dick Robinson, CEO, President and Chairman of Scholastic, coined the soon to be famous phrase, "Got Peeped."

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