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"Peepy, where art thou?"

Here is the last know photo of Peepy before she went missing at the New York Public Library last week . . .

I didn't discover her gone until after I met up with author Eric Luper and Betsy Bird, Ultimate Blogger and Effervescent Children's Librarian. Betsy had kindly offered to let us see the BRAND NEW Children's Center before it was open to the public. Peepy was most pleased to be invited, too.

Here's Betsy . . .

But when I went into my bag to bring Peepy out . . . SHE WAS GONE. MISSING. VANISHED!!!!

I was so sad. I wanted to cry. Really.

Still, I went ahead and saw the most marvelous children's library, but honestly, I was missing my Peep the entire time knowing how much she would have loved this . . .
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

I had to stop and reflect at the display case that housed the Original Winnie-the-Pooh, since I myself have the second largest collection of Poohs in America. (Mine are housed in the White River Pooh Museum in Canada.)
Pooh was not there. And Peepy was not with me. I was depressed.

After our tour, I told Eric that even though it was raining and dark, I JUST HAD TO FIND MY PEEP. She could be ANYWHERE, but I HAD TO TRY.

So we raced back out to the lions who stand guard outside the library . . . but no Peep.

Recently, when I read Eric Luper's blog, author Greg Neri posted this . . .

It was a false lead.

Anyway, Eric and I ran up the stairs into the Main Entrance of the Library and LO and BEHOLD and OMG!!!!

There, in the grip of a Security Guard was some bright YELLOW THING. He was squeezing it over and over and over again . . . like it was a HAND EXERCISER!!!

I shouted (in the library), "THAT'S MY PEEP! YOU HAVE PEEPY!!! THAT'S MY PEEPY!!!"

I think I scared him. But I didn't care. It was PEEPS!!!!

The guard, the nice one holding her, not the mean one who was using her for exercise equipment, said that someone found her leaning against a wall. (Thank you kind stranger for rescuing Peepy.)

I was soooooo relieved. I always knew that the library was full of happy endings. And for Peep and Moi, it was just that.

(Peeps is refusing to say what happened. Whether I lost her, she ran away, was kidnapped, or whatnot. But I know I'll get it out of her eventually. Also, I must note that I now have a very humbled Peep.)

Next blog: Visiting a school in New York's Chinatown. Plus pudding with an LA Times Book Prize winner.

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